DC Operation Centre is a company that has been uniquely designed to assist debt counselling company's with their admin work load. DC Operation Centre understands the negative impact that a back log of paper work can have on the company and the debt review system.

DC Operation Centre will work hand in hand with the Debt Counsellor to remove the admin work load burden from the Debt Counsellors shoulders. Each Debt Counsellor NCR number will be used to process there clients and update NCR Debthelp.


DCO will register the applicant on NCR.


DCO will assist with the prepping of the files for court.


DCO will assist by following up with any payments that are not reflecting on the creditors side.


Thank you DC Operations for taking away the phone calls and admin, now I can concentrate on my marketing and growth of my business.
Sophia from North West

After a long and hard working December I was relieved to see there is someone else who cares about my business, since I joint DC Operation Centre my proposals were send out on time and all my queries were sorted out. I appreciate the hard work and dedication you give me every day!
Rajesh from KZN

I do not know were to start to say how much I appreciate your service, not even to mention that I saved on expenses. Thank you for giving my clients the extra service they deserve.
Hettie from Pretoria

DC Operations you made my week, by assisting my client with his legal action on his vehicle. My clients are very happy with your services and I am very proud to be part of your team. Thank you for your professional service!
Jacob from Limpopo

I read all your testimonials and I must say I agree with all the thank you’s! This is the first time I can go on leave and know my clients will be attended too!
Susanna from Cape Town

I would like to thank DC Operations and their staff for the profesionallity and they were always on time with their court dates. I cannot express my gratitude for all the assistant you gave me with my clients queries, and for keeping myself and my clients up to date with the process.
Bonny from Gauteng

I must be honest I was a bit sceptical about joining DC Operations, but now I’m so grateful that I joint DC Operations team last year, My yearly increase on my clients payments was affective and no come backs to me. Thank you for always be there if I need assistants, I know you guys do more than you suppose too, to keep my clients happy. If my clients are happy I’m happy! Thank you! Thank you!
Ria from Mpumalanga

NCR complaints were very time consuming, where I could spend more time with new clients. Thank you for sorting out my NCR complaints and still keeping my client under debt review.
Dawid from Bloemfontein

about us

DC Operation Centre is situated in Gauteng Area, but we are not bounded or restricted to a specific or Gauteng Province. Our team are professional and fully trained.

DC Operation Centre is owed and run by a registered debt counsellor so all matters related to debt review will be taken care of by a person who understands and has been through all the debt review related hassles.

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